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When Christ and His Saints Slept: A Novel - Sharon Kay Penman Oh dear. Is it Penman, or is it just my problem with reading too many books by the same author? (I have a much lower tolerance for this than most people, but then too it depends on the author.)

My second try with this one, just over 70 pages in, and I don't think I can do it. I used to praise Penman for her character depth, so she can't always have done it the way she does here--explaining all their complexities while showing us these very mundane people that I have no interest in reading 700+ pages about. Right? And then there are all these asides with other random people. And then the signature comma splices everywhere--argh, why does the editor allow this?? And then, seriously, I have never seen an author who is not funny have their characters banter nearly this much. Are there people out there who think Penman is funny? And.... argh. Just argh.

I would like to read a book about Maude, but don't think I can handle the Chadwick version either, after sampling the first few pages. Probably I should go back to avoiding fiction about real historical figures, like I did before discovering Penman.