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Irons in the Fire - Juliet E. McKenna I really like the idea of this book. Strange Horizons has a great review of the trilogy, and also Kate Elliott liked it (if author blurbs can be believed). So it sounded great and, while I was aware that almost nobody has read it, I put this down to the fact that most female fantasy authors are obscure, regardless of the quality of their books. (But maybe not this obscure.)

So I bought the book, since my library doesn't have it, and I've tried reading it a couple times, but the way the characters act and relate to each other is just so bland and stereotypical that I can't see any humanity in it. The best I can put it is to say it feels based on other, mediocre fantasy books rather than on real life. Kind of like the way I used to write about human behavior when I was a young teen and my inspiration came from video games.

So: anybody want to convince me that it's worth continuing to read?